How to select the origin of our green coffee beans?

El secreto de la calidad de nuestro producto reside en su origen. Nuestro café pluma se distingue por el lugar en donde es cultivado, el cual es una mezcla importante entre altura, humedad y el tipo de tierra en donde crece, además de la flora y fauna que logran crear el ecosistema idóneo.

Furthermore, the cultivation process (artisanal and ancestral tradition) is carefully monitored to achieve high quality standards, therefore "Pluma" means not only the origin of the plant but also the entire natural and social context. While there are many varieties and blends of coffee depending on the region in which they are grown, different climates can produce different types of beans, creating a variety of flavors.

So how do you know which green coffee variety to choose? Below we will guide you to their flavor profile according to its region:

Sierra sur Pluma:
Coffee from this region is characterized by its intense, yet sweet flavor, with notes of dark chocolate, citrus, caramel, honey, red fruits, among others. If your palate likes these profiles, coffee from the southern highlands is for you.

This region is distinguished by having fresh notes, such as berry flavor, a slightly floral touch, citrus and a hint of sweetness.

Coffee from this region has an intense but sweet flavor, with a touch of yellow fruits, light herbal notes, pineapple and a bit of toasted almond. If you feel like tasting this type of notes, do not hesitate to ask for a sample.

We have been harvesting the best coffee from Oaxaca for three generations, and our years of experience have allowed us to gain the trust of internationally renowned importers, who are satisfied with the variety and quality of our beans.

Whether you choose a rich coffee harvested in the Sierra Sur, or one harvested in the coastal region of our State, we guarantee that even though the place of origin and the notes might be different, the quality will be as good.

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Notes: Intense, sweet, citrus, red fruits, cherry, yellow fruits, caramel, vanilla, mild spicy.

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Elochixtlán de flores magón


Notes: Intense, sweet, vanilla, bitter chocolate, spicy, caramel.

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Notes: Intense, sweet, citrus, red fruits, cherry, yellow fruits, caramel, dark chocolate, amaretto.

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Notes: Intense, sweet, vanilla, bitter chocolate, spicy, caramel.

Let's be responsible partners and enjoy a good coffee


Notes: Intense, sweet, citrus, yellow fruits, cherry, vanilla, medium long, caramel, dark chocolate. Origin: Ozolotepec region, Loxicha region and Coatlán region.

Let's support the fair price, sustainability and constant improvement of producers.


Notes: Intense, sweet, citrus, red fruits, cherry, yellow fruits, caramel, vanilla, mild spicy.

Working together we will make coffee communities have a better life


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How do we guarantee the quality of the coffee?

Los puntajes que se le otorgan a nuestro café están dados por catadores profesionales, los cuales están avalados por la certificación Q. Ésta es una equiparación internacional entre la forma de degustar café en un lugar y en otro.

¿Qué se necesita para ser un productor de Galguera Gómez?

Para ser un productor de Galguera Gómez, preferentemente se debe poseer producto de origen pluma, así como una buena calidad y cuidado en el grano.

Santos Reyes Nopala (Finca La Hamaca)

Putla de Guerrero

Eloxochitlán de Flores Magón

Peñas Negras, Juquila