Find the perfect green coffee bean- How to find the perfect coffee bean?

At Galguera Gomez we have a wide variety of green coffee beans. Our beans have passed our evaluation of quality and flavor, scoring 84 points in cupping and endorsed by certified tasters.

We consider many factors when adding a coffee to our catalog list. Being the quality and grades are the most important aspects, we also take into account the background history, agricultural practices, fair price, sustainability, and freshness. Our offer is rich in diversity, representing the different flavors of our State.

Characteristics of Galguera Gómez coffee before distribution.

Our green coffee must comply the quality control process in order to be distributed. This series of steps makes it easier for the producers to sell their beans and allows full satisfaction of our clients.

Some of the characteristics that our green coffee should have before its distribution are:

  • Homogeneous color: The coloration of the coffee bean speaks of the altitude where the plant was cultivated and it is an indicator of good practices used throughout the process.
  • Humidity: Although humidity can vary according to the production zone, we select according to that which gives better results during the roasting process.
  • Pest control: We know that coffee plants are subject to any type of pests when harvested in the open air, which is why we take extreme care to protect the integrity of the bean.
  • Freshness: The smell of freshness is an indicator that the bean is in good condition. Beans with a smell of humidity or any other substance are rejected.

These elements help to safeguard the quality of the grain, ensuring the distribution of the product and reflecting in the increase of its value.

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Notes: Intense, sweet, citrus, red fruits, cherry, yellow fruits, caramel, vanilla, mild spicy.

¡We want to build alliances with you!

Elochixtlán de flores magón


Notes: Intense, sweet, vanilla, bitter chocolate, spicy, caramel.

We preserve the ecosystem of the regions Let's take care of the environment!


Notes: Intense, sweet, citrus, red fruits, cherry, yellow fruits, caramel, dark chocolate, amaretto.

Do you want to be our accomplice in a socially fair job?


Notes: Intense, sweet, vanilla, bitter chocolate, spicy, caramel.

Let's be responsible partners and enjoy a good coffee


Notes: Intense, sweet, citrus, yellow fruits, cherry, vanilla, medium long, caramel, dark chocolate. Origin: Ozolotepec region, Loxicha region and Coatlán region.

Let's support the fair price, sustainability and constant improvement of producers.


Notes: Intense, sweet, citrus, red fruits, cherry, yellow fruits, caramel, vanilla, mild spicy.

Working together we will make coffee communities have a better life


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How do we guarantee the quality of the coffee?

Los puntajes que se le otorgan a nuestro café están dados por catadores profesionales, los cuales están avalados por la certificación Q. Ésta es una equiparación internacional entre la forma de degustar café en un lugar y en otro.

¿Qué se necesita para ser un productor de Galguera Gómez?

Para ser un productor de Galguera Gómez, preferentemente se debe poseer producto de origen pluma, así como una buena calidad y cuidado en el grano.

Santos Reyes Nopala (Finca La Hamaca)

Putla de Guerrero

Eloxochitlán de Flores Magón

Peñas Negras, Juquila